Thursday, March 06, 2008

George Goodheart

In the span of two weeks, two great men, heroes in their respective fields died. The first was William F. Buckley, Jr., the father of the modern Conservative movement in America. I didn't write about his death because so many other people so eloquently captured his contributions.

Yesterday, the man who started a whole new health care movement died. His name was George Goodheart and he is the founder of Applied Kinesiology. His mind was formidable and his curiosity prompted a melding of Eastern and Western medicine that is still being built on and explored by many practitioners of the healing arts today.

I owe my profession and my health care philosophy to him. I am not alone in my debt. He will be missed.


Anonymous said...

George Goodheart was a remarkable man and his contributions have been so rich. Thanks for posting this today.

Mandy said...

I, too, want to thank you for posting this blog. Dr. George (as my family called him) was such a remarkable man. Like you, I owe my healthcare philosophy to him. He was my grandfather's best friend, and mentor to my uncle (Dr. Walter Schmitt), and a blessing to my entire family. I got my first chiropractic treatment from him when I was just a couple of days old. The nurses couldn't figure out how I got over my jaundice so quickly. I found your blog when I was looking online this morning to see if any major AK site was speaking of his passing. It really touches my heart to see what love and admiration there was for Dr. George...not that I ever had any doubts. (By the way, I'm a conservative have some fabulous links on your blog. AK and conservatism, we are practically kindred spirits)

Melissa Clouthier said...


I've met your uncle and I was mentored by one of his other friends Dr. Lance West.

My first adjustment was by Dr. Goodheart. One of his students, Dr. Robert Radtke, was my catalyst for entering the profession and I now count him as a friend. The best chiropractors in the world are dedicated AK people. Smartest, too.

What a great man. Thankfully, two or three years ago, I saw him again at a conference, and amazingly he remembered my family. I got some pictures with him. Those will be treasures!

Anonymous said...

I got married to my wife because of Dr. Goodheart because she went to an AK D.C. in Vancouver Island as a teen. When she came to the northeast United States she found me looking for an A.K.-er.

I was treated by him on camera at one of many seminars, but not enough seminars through Dr. Paul Sprieser who would have the great Dr. Goodheart come to PA and NJ twice a year for more than 30 years.

I and my wife were fortunate enough to be at the 40th anniversary of A.K. in Miami March of 2004; where he recalled to us how he deveolped A.K. and many other vauluable stories.

The last time I saw him Dr. George had gotten very skinny all of a sudden. I guess that was his path to the end.


If anyone could be said that they have indeed done their duty on this planet it couldn't be anyone more than the Doctor with the TRULY GOOD-HEART.

In googling I first found an article that read "Dr. Thie welcomes Dr. Goodheart" with pictures of them together. I hope that he did at the Pearly Gates as well. May Dr. George also meet his father in Heaven, a great Chirpractor who inspired a great and valuable son.

I cannot believe a brain like his will be laid to rest in the cold dirt. But it is natural law that we live by. And he does deserve the rest (in PEACE).

May his family and loved ones find Peace, too.

Dr. Goodheart affects my life literally and figuratively every moment of my life. I thank him. I love him.

Kent M Ozman D.C. Nazareth Pennsylvania.
This is my first blog ever.

Anonymous said...

As a new mom some 37 years ago I called Dr. Goodheart for advice. A friend recommended him and I was not yet a patient of his. To my amazement the good doctor came on the line and took the time to answer my questions. That was the beginning of a long and healthy relationship for our growing family. He was a humble servant for the betterment of mankind and I feel blessed to have known him.

Anonymous said...

such a kind gentle spirit this man had . . .I had the pleasure of meeting him three years ago. He was so willing to share his knowledge . . . he has left his mark on this world and will never be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Thanks George, You made a huge difference in my life. To know you was to love you. Dr Bob R

Anonymous said...

Thank you George for your sharing, inspiration, brilliant mind and deep caring. You have inspired countless healers and affected thousands if not millions of lives. I honor your life and contribution.

Dr. Joe L

Anonymous said...

I had the privilege to have dinner with Dr. Goodheart few years ago in his house. He was the grandfather we all love and respect, and he had touch so many of our lives in so many different ways. The gifts he had left us will continue to benefit all of our patients. My good friend Dr. B said the best “What a homecoming this will be in heaven!” Please continue to pray for his family.

Steven Y, D.C.

Anonymous said...

I became a chiropractor because of Dr goodheart.He always said to know is nothing to apply is everything.I will always think of him.Yours in health Dr Davies

Anonymous said...

I was very lucky to see Dr. Goodheart speak a couple of times. I studied under Dr. Leaf who was close to GG. Without great men like him we are not who we are today and tomorrow. Thank you GG, rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

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