Sunday, March 02, 2008

Looking Toward The General Election

The day of doom is upon Hillary Clinton. Here in Texas, her strength is in doubt. If I'm to believe the local news reports, Obama's messianic message (not) taps a deep well here and he has solid support in the cities.

I'm not thinking about March 5 right now. It almost doesn't matter. Clinton and Obama differ little in their socialistic, statist views and, in Obama's case, seemingly Marxist sympathizing. We must hope that neither wins the Oval Office. And on this score, I actually think that John McCain has a solid chance. Even in the Democratic primaries, certain statistics spell doom for Obama:

The new voters would seem to favor Obama, Beatty said, but 69 percent of the early vote was cast by people older age 40 and 41 percent of the votes were from older women. Obama's appeal has been strongest with people younger than 40.
There aren't enough voters under 40 to decide this election. In the general election, McCain is going to appeal to a lot of Democrats who start to get nervous about Senator Obama's experience. And if, by some miracle (Glenn Reynolds, for one, believes "the Obama wave has broken), Clinton wins the nomination, some Democrats will tremble at the notion of Bill being in the House again. In both cases, McCain will seem like a reasonable alternative to the moderate Democrats.

After President Bush's eight years of garbled communication and low ratings in spite of all the amazing good he has done, I thought that any Republican would be doomed. In fact, I'm still not entirely sure that's not the case. But I am feeling a bit more optimistic. While the far left will vote for anyone as long as he, she or it wears a donkey, the moderate Democrats will look favorably on the old (also known as), experienced McCain.

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Anonymous said...

It is always good to see someone giving George Bush the credit he really deserves. It has not been easy for the man...but all in all, he has done amazingly well.

Poetryman said...

Stop funding the terrorists!

No more Oil Wars!

Energy Independence Now!

Drill in Anwar.

Build more nuclear power plants

Use More coal.

Use more natural gas

Turn trash into energy

Double the efficiency of windmills and solar cells.

If France can do nuclear power so can we.

If Brazil can do biomass/ethanol power so can we.

If Australia can do LNG power so can we.

Domestically produced energy will end the recession and spur the economy.

Stop paying oil dollars to those who worship daily at the alter of our destruction.

Preserve our Civil Rights and defend our Freedom by ending dependence on foreign oil.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton gave China "Favored Nation Status" that opened the flood gates to the export of American jobs and a fat wallet for the good Communists...but Obama's here to save the day: tax the few remaining manufactures, those evil corporations that sign your pay check, is gonna fix them to move out of the U.S. altogether. Gore's "documentory" said that the most important bill ever passed to save the environment was the "Clean Air Act" written up by Congress. Why didn't he mention that it was Nixon’s signature on that bill making it law? Why is Hollywood absent on any sort of gun control? Hmm, a movie or a TV show without guns? Sounds like a lot of musicals and love story scripts for Brad and Angolina. Now just pour yourselves a tall glass of calm down juice and get that socialist health care ball rolling...oh, I forgot, that's why Bill Clinton got elected twice, right? Maybe instead of filling that syringe with false promises for your liberal veins you can first make some effort to fix that other socialist program--Social Security. Seems the only thing useful about our SS # is to aid felons empty out our bank accounts. And: your plans to drive electric or hydrogen fuel cell cars are more harmful to the environment than gas powered cars. Without clean burning nuclear power plants a lot of filthy coal will burn to make the needed electricity. And the idea for the distillation of corn to power your cars is a sick slap in the face to every starving child. Oh, I forgot: IT'S ALL BUSH'S FAULT!!!Lastly, please point all your liberal think tanks at each other and press the red button on the cannon console that says: FIRE!

My name is Eric Cartman and I approve this message...and screw you guys, I'm going home.

Anonymous said...

This happens once every generation; a lot of dissatisfaction with "business as usual" hands an advantage to outsider candidates, to the point of "Messiah Politics" -- the Outsider Who Will Come And Make Everything Perfect, to the point their supporters resemble a fundamentalist religious cult.

Obama is riding this with a campaign built (so far) on his personal charisma and Being an Outsider, untainted by Business as Usual. (So far, he has also ran a classier campaign, contrasting with Hillary's reputation. Perhaps Obama's NOT entering politics until recently -- with no Nineties FBI files -- has something to do with it.) He has recently caused scream-and-swoon Beatlemania-like reactions at some of his appearances, again running on personal charisma.

This works against Hillary, as her eight years of "co-presidency" (and the perception that she's the one wearing the pants in that pair) have associated her with the Past/Business as Usual.

The last time we had such an upswing in outsiders and Messiah Politics was 1992 -- 16 years ago. Remember Ross Perot? As in "Have You Accepted Ross Perot as Your Personal LORD And Savior?"

This year, I've run into those for whom Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, or Huckabee are their "Personal LORD And Savior." Huckabee himself is in an ideal position to split off into a Pure Christian Third Party candidate position, drawing off the GOP's Christian base faction in Righteous Isolation and becoming the Ross Perot of 2008.

sandy said...

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