Friday, April 11, 2008

Around and About

Tigerhawk asks, "Is John McCain a cylon?" My only thing is this: Why'd they go and make a cylon with a faulty arm? Does it have some special fighting capability? Is the arm actually weaponized? That's my theory. It's not just an arm, it's a diversion and a weapon. Makes him look old, but he could kill you. I believe that anyway. McCain scares me.

If you don't know about the Canadian human rights commission crap, go here and here. This is important people. One of my favorite Canadian bloggers, Small Dead Animals, is being sued because he used speech that some dude in Canada didn't like. Imagine saying something a liberal didn't like and being hauled before a bureaucrat (this isn't a real court with a real judge, this is just some pencil pusher who is "following the rules") to defend yourself. Canada sucks.

The Pope is visiting New York. Catholics are happy (especially cult escapees). I'm not Catholic, but I have found myself warming to the Pontiff. He's an acquired taste. Pope John Paul was more approachable.

Glenn Reynolds needs a new phone soon but says that it won't be the iPhone. Too bad for you, is what I say. I love my iPhone. The direction GPS stuff is phenomenal (I got around San Antonio and upstate New York with it)--no more maps. I text and IM on it. I love the visual messages. I keep track of my schedule. I read the news. Hell, Instapundit is one of my saved pages. Really, this little machine is my life. It were to disappear. Aughhhh!

Advice for men giving women advice at the gun range: Back the frak off! Ditto advice at the gym. No joke, a girlfriend of mine is ripped, could be in body building competitions and she gets guys coming up to her in the gym explaining how to use the equipment. Same thing happens to me. When I say, I'm a chiropractor, yadda, yadda, guys will still press on advising. Sheesh! They would never do that with a guy, ever.

I am consistently impressed with Shiite cleric Ali Sistani over in Iraq. This man, who seems to live behind some mysterious shroud, has consistently put the best interests of Iraq first. It has to be life-threatening to be standing firm the way he does. It is also life-threatening to be one of al-Sadr's henchmen. C'est la vie mon cherie terrorist thug!

Have I told you people that I loath Keith Olbermann? If I have, I haven't said it enough.

Poor, poor Hillary! She's being hated on because she's a woman. If her hearty chortle, lack of humor, boorish behavior and leftist rhetoric were coming from a man, he would definitely be a shoo-in for president. Definitely.

Finally, egads! Mitt Romney won first place in a blogger poll as Veep to McCain. Heaven help us! I must be out of touch because who in sam hill is hot for Romney? He as inspiring as as....cordovan wing tips. What the hell? Michael Steele? Now, him, I like.