Thursday, May 15, 2008

We Are Witnessing The Demise of Western Civilization--UPDATED

I get ribbed for being hyperbolic. A German lady from Germany (and no that's not stating the obvious, she could have been Austrian or something) called me polemic a year ago. Well, hell, sometimes my emotionality has a basis in reality. This time, Western Civilization is doomed and that is no exaggeration.

There is a new Playstation 3 advertisement over in Europe that is so vile that I cannot put the picture on my blog because my mom reads this (probably not safe for work, but it might be ok if you just look really fast). Go look at it and come on back. You need to do three Hail Mary's to clean your mental palate after looking at that ad.

Okay, now we can talk.

Europeans are supposed to be enlightened. Yeah, I know. Whatever. But still, on the one hand they're turning into frigging Eurabia with all the conservative Muslims running around in burqas and on the other you've got thumbs that look like penises in public advertising aimed at children. One of those philosophies is going to win, right? And which winner leaves Western Civilization the winner? The correct answer boys and girls is neither.

That seems to be the choices. Either nothing goes or everything does. Both ways lead to depravity and sexual dysfunction, ironically enough. One way leads to the objectification of women as vessels for male dominance or child bearing--underneath the black cover there's a vagina. The other way leads to the objectification of women and men and children as sex objects--no black sheet needed.

Americans, take note. This dichotomy, these two paths to destruction, is coming to a city near you. A relative was talking about the neighborhood he and his wife were considering moving to but he refuses to live near two (not just one) mosques. Now, you can call him prejudiced. Go ahead. But while listening to the call to prayers a zillion times a day, you're listening to an ideology that is not, or hasn't shown itself to be, congruent with modern times.

But the choice laid before us by multiculturalists is that anything goes. So, they can, with a straight face, extol the virtues of clitoral mutilation for those people, while defending advertising that has only one purpose: to degrade and debase. Hey! We are free! It's okay to sexualize children. It's okay to abort inconvenience. It's okay to sell a piece of technology geared toward teens and young people with penis pictures. Everything is okay and who are you to judge?

No one is judging much anymore, are they? Few seem willing to draw a line in the sand. So, brace yourselves. Ten years from now, there will be racy Playstation billboards towering over the shiny new, huge mosque coming to a suburb near you. Can you blame people? The disgusting decadence begs for an equal and opposite reaction. Islam gives people lines to not cross that's for damn sure.

Either way, we are witnessing the end. You've been warned.

UPDATE: More evidence coming from Europe that the end is nigh.

And for those who think there is no way this ad can be real, here is this from a dear reader.


Dana said...

Not surprising coming out of Europe. The teen magazines were nothing short of pornographic when I was a teenager in Germany 16 years ago. Not to mention that little "booklet" that the state published to teach parents how to "educate" their children on sex. And I read the booklet. And it really was that bad.

Principled Discovery

Wayne said...

"Ten years from now, there will be racy Playstation billboards towering over the shiny new, huge mosque coming to a suburb near you."

Nope, this one's not going to happen. Don't forget that we're sensitive to the restrictions of the Religion of Pieces(TM). They'd threaten to start blowing stuff up, and get another Mosque built somewhere for free just to appease them.

Stapeliad said...

I'm so glad I found your blog...from doing a search for ill effects of Fluoride.

You are refreshingly sane. Thank you.

rjschwarz said...

I seriously doubt it's a real ad. A few years ago there was a very slick add for VW that had a suicide bomber exploding inside the car. Looked very real. Turns out some guy made himself for his portifolio and VW had nothing to do with it.

I suspect this is similar. Sony is smarter than that.

A greater sign of the end of Western Civilization is jumping on things like this before they are published and assuming the craziest stuff is real. It shows a total lack of faith in anything anymore.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I'll wait for proof before I believe this silly nonsense is a real ad.

Melissa Clouthier said...


I don't have faith in much in the media or Hollywood or art these days. Even if it's fake, and I allow for that possibility, it's not unthinkable. Some things should be unthinkable.

Thomas said...

People, people, get real. Sony? An ad like that?

Ever heard of photoshop? Of course it's a fake. There's another one mentioning Playboy instead of Perez Hilton... hum.

BTW, TWBA (the supposed agency behind the "ad") was dropped by Sony last year in November...

This would never fly anyway. There are decency rules in advertising over here, beleive it or not.

Do your google, you'll see.

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