Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Democrats Just Say No To Drilling

Because it's a good thing to put $99 of gas in your truck (which I did yesterday). And Obama thinks a gradual increase would have been better. This is awesomeness! Speak it, Barry! High gas prices are just what the Dems want. If the economy can go in the shitter, more the better. If people are absolutely miserable, while the planet gets saved even better than better. And if people give up their modern way of life: Hallelujah! Praise Gaia!

Best of all: If America ceases to exist as a super power and the rest of the world crumbles because Americans stop consuming, heaven will have been created on earth. Thanks Democrats! Our lives suck shit but at least the barren tundra of Alaska is pristine.

Oh, and McCain is stupid about this, too.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that the Democrats hope for a weak economy, although it does benefit them in this instance. Bill Clinton certainly didn't govern like he sought to impair the US economy. Just because someone benefits from a life insurance policy doesn't mean they looked forward to it.

Also, it is naive to think that by permitting drilling in Alaska, we'd somehow be paying less any time soon for gasoline at the pump. Global demand will offset any decrease in prices created by increased output. And to force oil companies to sell oil at low prices to American consumers when they could sell it at higher prices on the world market isn't a solution either, because thats downright unamerican.

I know it benefits the Woodlands community to increase domestic drilling, but the resources should be spent toward developing a future based on nuclear, wind, solar, and hydroelectric. In Oregon for example, hydroelectric is its main power source.

Investment wise, it is better to get ahead of the times and into the 21st century. We shouldn't continue to invest sunk costs into an infrastructure that will eventually be obselete.

As for the amount of gasoline required for your vehicle, that was the responsibility you took on when you knowingly purchased the truck with that kind of gas mileage in this city wasn't it? Caveat emptor. If you buy a house in Texas you should expect a high electric bill. If you buy a truck in Texas, you should expect a high gasoline bill.

Melissa Clouthier said...

1. The Democrats would like a weak economy right now to suit their political purposes in November.

2. I am not interested in forcing oil companies to reduce prices. What gave you that impression? I would love for the government to reduce taxes.

3. Drilling on American soil or in American waters will not be a miracle cure in the short term, it's a decision for the future.

4. Texas is the #1 developer of harnessed wind technology. Because Texas has a favorable corporate tax environment, all sorts of energy innovation is happening.

5. I love my Suburban. I don't mind filling it up. It was my choice and it was a good one. I dislike disingenuous politicians.

6. More energy resources benefits the whole country not just the Woodlands.

Viola Jaynes said...

I hope you signed the petition I forwarded and I hope many more do as well.

Though drilling won't fix immediate issues, I do think focus will shift.

Cory said...

"We shouldn't continue to invest sunk costs into an infrastructure that will eventually be obselete."

You can't "invest" sunk costs btw.

Sunk costs are costs that have already been spent and which have no bearing on the "go/no go" decision for a project.

As to your other argument yes, we need to develop our renewables. We need to develop them in order to have a multifaceted energy platform on which to rebuild our economy after this mess is over.

Notice that I said "multifacited" which also includes oil, gas and oil sands as well as wind, solar and geothermal.

It's all got to work together, and the investments that are moving toward renewable research because of the high price of oil are proof that the "free market" works.

Now if the Government can just leave it alone and let things be.

All of that being said oil in America is still relatively cheap in relation to Europe and some other places. Heck, even China and Brazil will be catching up soon because reports are they're ending their subsidies.

The goal should be to develop renewables to the point that they, coupled with increased domestic oil production, can meet our Nation's energy needs with only marginal imports. And yes, this may also entail Americans learning to go on some energy diets for the next few years.

Rorschach said...

Newt was right.
Drill Here.
Drill Now.
Pay Less.

Only a freakin idiot thinks the solution to high oil prices is for the government to increase costs to the oil companies, or worse, nationalize them.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...