Friday, March 31, 2006

I-Pod Update

In December, for my 30th birthday...again, my dear husband and blog-uninterested sister bought me an I-Pod. Remember? I still love, love, love it.

Dr. Helen and Glenn Reynolds finally buckled to peer pressure and bought one. It's about time! One can hardly call oneself a "techie" and not own an I-Pod. I mean really!

Dr. Helen is ashamed of her taste in Pop music. I am not. After my last post, how could I be? Life is Short!

My recent downloads include Ashlee Simpson-L.O.V.E., Roy Blunt (an explicit version, oh my!) You're Beautiful, Carrie Underwood-Jesus Take The Wheel and more Kelly Clarkson-Walk Away. Old favorites include Justin Timberlake. Don't laugh. Cry Me A River is one of the best revenge break up songs ever.

Dr. Helen claims an otherworldly ability to accurately pick Pop Mega Hits. Man, I thought I was the only one with that talent. The first time I heard the Eminem song/rap from Eight Mile (a better movie than you would think, I liked it, don't be hatin') Lose Yourself, I cried and ran into the house from the car asking my husband if he had ever heard of this guy. My liberal brother had (of course, he's seven years younger than me) and burned me the CD.

In case you think my taste totally runs to the low-brow and Top 40, I also have Toxic by Brittney Spears (the anthem for dysfunctional relationships everywhere), Fighter by Christina Aguilara (I've recovered from the abuse--post dysfunction rant), and my all time favorite pop song ever Let's Dance by David Bowie.

Oh, I've got Cat Stevens, Dylan, Billy Joel, Queen, everything by Coldplay, selected Arias by the world's greatest sopranos, Simon and Garfunkle, Norah Jones, a little Roy Orbison, a lot of Stevie Wonder, Sarah McClachlin, Kate Bush, Tina Turner, The Cranberries, Howard Jones, Five for Fighting, Diana Krall, Bette Midler, The Eagles, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Hootie and The Blowfish, Stray Cats, Prince, Carly Simon, Blu Cantrell, Fiona Apple, OMD and even some Beyonce. And there's more. Much more.

If you haven't bought an MP3 Player, dude or dudette, you do NOT know what you're missing. Every listening experience is like a delicious, unique meal created by a world famous chef: music by you!

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