Friday, March 31, 2006

News to Know

I haven't blogged about Congresswoman McKinney. What is there to say when an entitled woman slaps a Capital Hill Policeman on the face? A lot, evidently. Read more here and not here (can't find one thing on Daily Kos about this and its tagline is "State of the Nation". Why not?).

Cell phones cause brain tumors. This surprises absolutely no one, least of all cell phone manufacturers, right? Radiation emanating right into your ear drum and there are no bad side effects?

Even immunized people can get Mumps like is happening in Iowa. The vaccine is only 95% effective and it is a terrible thing to get when older especially for boys as it causes sterility.

Kidnapped journalist Jill Carroll is ready to return home. Does she have Stockholm Syndrome? Was she brainwashed by the Iraqis who took her? Was she brainwashed by U of M? We'll find out soon.

Jacques Chirac offers "compromises" aka appeases, the twenty-something temper-tantrum throwing imbeciles who are bullying the government out of any common-sense economic change. This, considering he is such a principled dude, is just totally shocking. It takes some effort to suppress the giggles.

Basic Instinct is starting to get reviews. It gets a ONE star out of a bunch of stars. Hmmm.... That's not good. I've seen a string of out-takes and it looks like Sharon Stone's acting talents are on full display, if you know what I mean. M-TV reviewers like it: "It totally rocks!" (I kid you not.) You get to see Sharon Stone naked! Huh huh!

Prayers don't make a difference with healing says the research. Scrappleface has the best take.

If you want to throw up, listen to the 911 calls on 9/11 from the people told to STAY in the tower when they could have escaped. Too horrible for words.

Supermodels, are very skinny and therefore angry ladies and are mean and violent and crazy. It's the lack of blood sugar. When they eat they are really, very nice people. Really. But then they get fat and we don't want to look at their puffy, bloated faces. It's a bind really. Skinny and criminal, ala Naomi Campbell, fat and kindly, ala Rosie O'Donnell.

More sex abuse at the hands of Catholic Priests. More shock.

Benzenes (cause cancer in tiny amounts) in soda gets it yanked in Britain. Alcohol is bad in small doses afterall.

And now for the biggest shocker of the day: Condi Rice admits the U.S. made tactical errors, 1000s of them, when invading Iraq. No way! That is such a disappointment. No other war has ever had tactical errors, or thousands of them. None. I hate the U.S. Our military sucks.

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