Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Immigration: Part Dose

Michelle Malkin quotes Thomas Sowell via Real Clear Politics saying, paraphrasing here, that if the press had lots of low-paid journalists who could do their jobs at half the wage, they wouldn't be quite so charitable to this whole illegal immigrants deal.

Another thought I heard on talk radio today: when we accept wholesale, another culture, without the expectation that they must assimilate into our culture, we are, by default accepting their culture. Senator Tancredo said, paraphrasing again, that the United States was becoming a Tower of Babel. At the end of the conversation, he asked for prayers for he and his family. Is he in danger in the United States of America for holding a differing opinion from the powers that be, i.e. Bush-Kennedy-McCain? Give me a break!

So a thought occurred to me, that has vaguely percolated in the background, but seemed too unreasonable to be entertained seriously. Now, I'm entertaining it seriously. Is this policy, favoring amnesty for illegals, not just political (500,000 easy votes! Yippee!) but also part of a philosophy where the powers-that-be believe that massive transferring of wealth is the way to world peace? Or, is there a notion that a combined South America, Central America, and North America would strategically align in opposition to a United Europe and a United, for lack of a better description, Communist front (Russia and China)?

This seems all so conspiracy theoretical, but the willingness to accept into our American fold millions of people who broke the law to escape economic and politcal corruption rather than change their own societies begs the question: why?

While cheap consumer goods and services explain part of it and pandering to the corporations that employ the cheap labor explains part of it, this hugely impactful decision does not explain all of it. This decision is not strictly economic. For if it were, the decision would be stopped in the interests of the legal American workers already here as I mentioned before.

Do our leaders fear a situation like Europe--especially Spain and France--where native women just simply are not having children and the population outlook fifty years out isn't inspiring? Are they worried that we need to get as many low-paid workers in here as possible because the average worker here will be doing higher paid jobs requiring more education?

First of all, America's reproduction factories are outproducing those in Europe, thanks largely to the Red Staters. But maybe that's the problem. Maybe the liberals, willing to sell out the undereducated and lower income workers, a great percentage black, by the way, for more voters since they aren't reproducing and unlikely to have enough votes to ever win anything at this rate.

Second, maybe Bush sees the same thing and is trying to make a deal with the devil so that the Republicans don't lose the voting block like they lost the blacks for fifty years. Make no mistake, though, this is selling our soul. It's already lost anyway Prez Bush and this is why: if it is on the wrong side of the law, if it creates more social welfare recipients, if the problem causes more potential jail inmates the proposal favors liberals....every....time. End of story.

Examine these economic statistics. They tell the whole story.

I can't think of any other reason for all this than my theories above. Gateway Pundit has his own theories here.

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