Tuesday, March 28, 2006

French Riots: Now It's the Young and Dumb

You all know, because you're so informed by the MSM that you don't need Dr. Melissa's widdle, teeny-weeny blog, but I'll tell you anyway: The sub-30 set in France is demonstrating and rioting and basically holding the government hostage. Why? Because a new law about to come into effect that allows employers to fire workers younger than 26 within the first two years of work. When no-talent-ass-clowns do nothing, they can get fired. So sad. Poor French babies.

If French workers had any sense (big if), they would welcome this law as unemployment for people this age is 22%. Hmmmmm..... I wonder why? Maybe it's cuz the employers are afraid of hiring people like the rioters and then getting stuck with them? Just a guess.

Anyway, MyVastRightWingConspiracy, expresses my sentiments exactly.

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