Friday, March 31, 2006

Mexica Movement

Mexican pride on display.

I'm all for ethnic, country-of-origin pride. In fact, being of Scottish origin (the Cambell and Cameron clans, please don't hold it against me) I've enjoyed the Scottish games and even have a plaid blanket here or there.

But what you see at this link is not that, it is something else altogether. Glenn Reynolds asks why there isn't much going on in Florida. There really isn't much going on in Texas either, at least not in Houston, except a couple kids are enjoying skipping class and trying to get a flag up a pole, but that's kind of juvenile fun. If you experienced the weather here, you'd understand why they are trying to bail.

Anyway, I lived for three years in Southern California and the way immigrants were treated was not the same as here in Texas. They were clearly second-class citizens, openly treated harshly and out-righted demeaned publicly. I saw that routinely there.

I have never seen it here in Texas for the nine years I've lived here. The worst public incident I saw was one Mexican guy yelling at another guy to get to work. 99.9% of the time, I've seen respect.

My church is fairly representative. Tons of racial intermarrying between Mexicans and Anglos. No thinking about it. Just the way it is. Lots of the second generation know less Spanish than I do. Integration isn't really an issue and there are loads of babies to prove it.

So maybe it's a respect thing. Maybe the kettle is boiling over in California where the communities are less integrated. Don't you find it ironic that the Left Coast suffers this--they are so progressive and open-minded and all.

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