Friday, March 31, 2006

Borders Buckles to Bigoted Buffoons

Borders refuses to carry a magazine that has the Danish cartoons inside. Are you kidding me? Cowardly and just plain business stupid, too. It's a fair assumption that Islamists won't dirty their minds with the intellectual fair found in books that are bookstores. Why would Borders irritate people who actually read--their main customers, I'm guessing.

Robert Bidinotto, editor of The Individualist has some theories and a complete round-up. It is a must read. He says,

It IS serious -- deadly serious: our fundamental right to freedom of expression is at stake here. How many more bookstores, universities (NYU is the latest), publishers, TV networks, newspapers, and others in the business of transmitting ideas are going to submit to this naked intimidation...and then, in turn, compel their employees, reporters, commentators, editors, students, and faculties to shut up and go along with the jihadists' demands?

Pardon me, I thought I was living in America...not Germany circa 1940.

AMEN. This IS serious. If Americans are brave enough to go to work and shop at Borders, Borders should be brave enough to put a magazine on the shelf. Sheesh!

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