Monday, April 10, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Team Rape

LaShawn Barber discusses the whole sordid thing. My first thoughts when I heard this news?

  1. If this happened, how horrifying. Any rapist must be prosecuted and sent away.
  2. If this didn't, double horrifying. These young men will have their reputations destroyed forever. For nothing! Having to give DNA samples--some who weren't even at the party. Where are we China?
I said to my husband, if it were my child being subjected to this exam and he wasn't even at the party and the lesbian activists on campus had posted his picture, I would be suing the college and the individual women to the full extent of the law for defamation of character.

Enough women keep fabricating this type of thing and no woman, even serious victims, will be taken seriously ever again. Ever. An abomination!

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