Monday, April 10, 2006


John Leo examines how American elites use transnationalism to justify open borders. I have talked about this recently, trying to determine the motives of so many legislators willing to "legislate into the teeth of the American public" as Tony Blankley so eloquently put it.

I addressed assimilation here and indirectly touched on the transnationalism, without using the term exactly, idea saying:

but also part of a philosophy where the powers-that-be believe that massive transferring of wealth is the way to world peace? Or, is there a notion that a combined South America, Central America, and North America would strategically align in opposition to a United Europe and a United, for lack of a better description, Communist front (Russia and China)?

This arrogance seems to know no bounds. Some illegal immigrants (but more of their American-educated legal children) share this entitlement mentality, which is why the Democrats lick their collective chops.

And why were Muslims, legal presumably, marching? And why were Black Panthers? And how about the Communists?

Do people so crave the heady, emotionally (drug) laden halcion 60s and early 70s where marches and protests and anti-authoritarianism, and, laziness of thought and action so grabbed a generation that people are trying to recreate the past? I am not sure the manipulation and coercian will work. We are not talking about an oppressed people because of color or draft here. Average working Americans, legal Mexicans and other immigrants included, are fed up with lax security (we remember 9/11--does our government?) and law-breaking people.

I, for one, am not against immigration. In fact, I welcome legal immigration. If thousands of people could come into American through Ellis Island daily, why can't we, with our sophisticated technology do the same now? Let's make it legal! Let's make these people and employers too, pay taxes. Simplify the beaurocracy, make sure people have jobs, are healthy and are not criminals and welcome them as citizens.

I am an AMERICAN CITIZEN. That means something. The borders of my country mean something. By letting every uncaring, communist, welfare-sucking person into our country and then granting amnesty, it diminishes the legal immigrants who were my forebears and my husband's and everyone else who came here legally. It is a prize worth fighting for and defending.

I am NOT a CITIZEN OF THE WORLD. The people pouring over our borders leave a corrupt society where the rich enjoy a huge underclass to serve them. By allowing everyone into America we serve as enabler to that system and recreate that system here. It must stop.

Can our leaders please stop this doe-eyed idealistic, pie-in-the-sky theorizing and remember what was fought for under the Red White and BLUE?

UPDATE: Glenn Reynold's opinion is to embrace the interdependent world and demand that Mexico make life as easy for incoming Americans as they would like America to be for incoming Mexcians. Fair enough, right?

Demand nothing. Close the border and create a glut of jobless people in Mexico, Glenn, and America will have to demand nothing. Mexico will have to change or be changed because Mexicans will be demanding that their OWN GOVERNMENT changes. All the peaceful demonostrations will be on the Zona Rosa in Mexico City and not in the middle of LA or Miami or Chicago or Dallas.

Make it easier for Legal immigration here. Seal the border. America created the Hoover Dam and Golden Gate Bridge for heaven's sake, the border should be easy!

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