Saturday, April 15, 2006

Google Calendar

Well, there's already gnashing of teeth about Google being a portal and I say, "Yeah, so what?" The fact that AOL and Microsoft's portals are clunky and Yahoo's is busy opened the way for clean, simple design. Google has exploited their weaknesses.

On to the Calendar. I worked with it this morning and I like it. Why? Because I love Gmail and use that as my primary email. Firefox is my web-browser (if you are still using Internet Explorer you are a complete looooooser). Outlook bugs me. (Sacrilage!) A calendar within Google is just the ticket.

One guy said that a Google calendar is no big deal with PDAs, cell phones, etc. I don't know. My cell phone calendar is a pain and I don't use it. Since my arse is in front of the computer a good chunk of the day, it's nice to have the calendar right here.

And here's the thing: Google Calendar is free. Microsoft's Outlook is NOT free. (Nothing is free in life, I know this. I'm just sayin....) And here's another thing: if my computer crashes guess what? My data is not lost. No it isn't. Tralalala!

Yes, there's the little worrisome fact that some nerd at Google knows my innermost thoughts via Gmail, Blogger and now Google Calendar. Well, unlike most people, my life is so dull it makes even friends cry at times. Verrry, verrrrry dull.

Anyway, I'll let you know how I like it over the next month of use. If I were Microsoft I'd be afraid. Be very afraid. And I'm not the only one thinkin' it either.

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