Saturday, April 15, 2006

Iran's Crazy Talk

Everyone has a crazy relative that sputters and blathers. He or she gets ignored by the family or nodded to politely. Conspiracy theories, persecution complexes and recycled stories receives dutiful head nodding and sometimes some nodding off. Most people also have a truly crazy relative. When he comes to the family reunion looking to pick a fight, sometimes armed and always dangerous, people scatter, designate a "communicator" who gets the delightful task of 1) escorting crazy, unhinged person out [isolation] 2) speaking in hushed tones about grandma's heart and the children [diplomacy] or 3) a group intervention that lands crazy person in jail, rehab or with a soundly kicked butt--I live in Texas, remember? [threat elimination]

So, which is Iran? Crazy harmless or crazy unhinged?

Can anyone honestly say crazy harmless? Yes some can, and do and will.

Can anyone credibly say unhinged and dangerous? Yes some can and do and will.

You see, President Bush has a dilemma. Iran going nuclear is not an option since her president has already announced, loudly, his intentions. But this means some messy business ahead. This messy business will be soundly denounced by the Code Pink crowd. But what, pray tell, will these same people say if Iran's neighbors, and us too, are nuked or threatened or blackmailed?

First, I would cut Iran off from the world oil market. They only have money because of their oil. Stop their income. That makes it harder to do or make anything doesn't it?

Second, I would bomb the bejeebers out of the ruling Mullah class. What the heck are precision bombs for if to not annihilate specific psychos? There seems to be a fair number of rational younger people in Iran. Could they pluck up their gumption if their nut-job leaders were scattering like cockroaches for survival? Possibly.

Third, I would be arming a nice internal resistance. The Islamists over there are creating every kind of hell all over the world. Funding terrorism here and there. Agitating in Iraq. Covering for Syria. Baddies, all of them.

If Israel gets nuked by Iran, one gets the feeling that a fair amount of Leftists will be delighted/shocked. No one uses such materials except the big, bad USA. Well, we'll see, won't we?

One thing I hope: if we do blast away at Iran, I hope that we don't give the whole world a heads-up. Sheesh. Can we at least keep our war plans secret? It might help meeting the objective a bit faster.

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