Friday, April 28, 2006

Turn Off The TV Week

This week is Turn Off The TV Week. I kid you not. This is an excellent time to do so. Summer TV sucks, you won't miss it. When everything starts back up in the Fall you'll be used to spending your time other ways.

You'll remember me posting about this before: here and other places I can't remember.

I promise you, if you do this you will be taking a step toward greatness. Great people do not watch the TV. They read, they do things, they learn things. You think I'm joking? Oprah Winfrey does not watch TV and she's on TV. She doesn't like to melt her brain and her show is one of them that does the melting. (I know, I had my brain melted for years with my Oprah Addiction.) One might argue her greatness, but she is a phenomenal business woman at the very least and a people influencer extraordinaire.

Americans are TV Addicted say authors at Scientific American Mind (via Passionate Users). Do you feel a pang about being rid of it?

One thing I've noticed since being without cable and a TV for years is that now that it's back, it holds Zero allure for me. That surprised me. I thought that maybe I'd start back in to my addiction, but I didn't. That addiction has been replaced with blogging and other things, but at least it is mentally active. (More than a few would disagree with that statement.)

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