Thursday, May 25, 2006

Book: Chapter 1: God Heals

In this day and age, many people will be stunned that my foray into writing about health and healing starts at the feet of the Almighty Creator. Well, it does and for good reason. With all the technological advances, with all the scientific evidence, with all the knowledge that is spread via various forms of communication, sometimes the big picture is lost. And the big picture is this: God heals, people help.

Your body was created to heal. There is an innate drive for wholeness, completeness, and wellness. And while doctors can remove interference to healing, can help accelerate the healing, can augment the healing--they cannot make the body heal.

What do I mean? While scientists can create artificial valves, joints, even blood, they cannot create valves, joints and blood. The best they can hope for in the future is cloning--reproducing what already exists. Doctors can manipulate the body's biochemistry, but the effects are hardly as delicate and elegant as when the body manipulates biochemistry itself. Most important, while a doctor with drugs or a person with diet can destroy the immune system, or through diet the immune system can be given tools to be boosted, the immune system through innate power changes itself, regulates itself, and modulates itself.

This power to change, to find equilibrium again and to change again is so complex, so variable that it is impossible to comprehend in its entirety. The scripture saying that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" comes to mind. When faced with even creating something as simple as a one-celled organism, humans fall flat. It can't be done.

Humility needs to be the beginning of any health-building equation. Doctors need to be viewed in their proper perspective. Neither creators nor healers, they are helpers. Hopefully.

Sometimes people so desperate for escape from their pain and dis-ease approach the Health Care profession as saviors. Some doctors enjoy this position. They set themselves up for a fall--all of them.

Doctor is better rendered in Latin where it means teacher. A doctor should inform you and help you make a decision. A doctor can then put together a plan, with you, to help approach your healing. A patient decides to what extent the plan is followed or ignored. A patient decides whether he or she wants to be advised by another Doctor.

Ultimately, though, any healing that occurs happens because God created a human to heal. Humans can interfere with the healing or help it. Hopefully the Doctor you choose as your teacher and advisor develops a plan where the body does what it was created to do: Heal.

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