Thursday, May 25, 2006

Brain Waves Make Robot Work

This is the future, and depending on who you are, your reaction is terrified or triumphant.

Me, I'm waiting for the brain powered floor scrubber, the brain powered diaper changer (there's a great episode of Rolie Polie Olie with a robot diaper changer--wave of the future man), the brain powered naggy wife (I envision the ability to thought-project a message to my husband on his flat screen TV--which at some point will be the inside of glasses or something--"Are the taxes done? Paint the bathroom. The toilet is clogged!")

I'd love to hear how you would mind-direct your robot. Any ideas?

Oooo! I just had one more! I'd sit in front of the computer, think "Amazon" and "gifts for mom" and based on their metrics, they'd pop up choices. Then I'd think "pay with Visa", since they already know who I am via my ISP, they'd confirm my mental signature.

Before you know it, I'd be Stephen Hawking by choice.

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vj said...

I would thought-project to my fighting, clean your room, use manners at the table, be polite and respectful, have fun. I would thought-project to my husband to be loving, kind, tender, patient with the children, not so angry and wound up all the time. I would though-project to myself healing in "every" area of my life. To be self assured, not to give a damned what others think of me, have great orgasms, to be truly artisitc, truly spiritual and loving. (and much more...):-)