Thursday, June 15, 2006

AIDS in Africa: Rich Infected More Than Poor

Here's why:

Mishra gave several possible reasons why those with more money have higher HIV prevalence rates. One is that studies show that the richest people have more partners, ``more opportunities to travel, more opportunities for casual sex," and rich men can afford to buy sex, Mishra said in an interview. He also said wealthier men in Africa start having sex at an earlier age than poorer men, though wealthier women start to have sex later than poorer women.

Wealthier women, married to scoundrel wealthier men, get infected by their husbands. Of course, that's just a guess. And like the article further states, there aren't a lot of wealthy people in Africa, the majority are poor. Still, it does kinda shoot the argument that AIDs is a disease of poverty.

Nonsense. AIDs isn't an economic problem. It's a moral problem. Monogamous people don't get AIDs unless their doing I.V. drugs or received blood before it was screened. They just don't.

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