Friday, June 09, 2006

Bedwetting: Solving the Problem

This article mentions bed alarms as the best treatment for bedwetting. Alas, they don't work as well as this device.

The Dri Sleeper is awesome. It works within days for most kids. My autistic son stopped bedwetting in a week after we had struggled for a very long time--but not as long as neuro-normative relatives who had bedwetting trouble.

Don't fool with schedules, nagging, bed alarms, spanking (ah, the good old days), and everything else. The Dri-Sleeper works. It is worth its weight in gold. For parents who have been changing sheets nightly for years, this thing is a mental-health life-saver.

Follow the directions to the letter. Your kid will be dry within weeks, if not days.


vj said...

One of my best friends has three boys. The middle boy, 12 yrs old has always had bedwetting problems.
It has had a real affect on his self esteem.
I just forwarded the article you link to her. It would be so awesome if this would help!!! She's tried everything.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar product when my daughter was little. Woke her dad & I, but she slept right through it. Of course, she's the one that slept through a fire alarm going off above her head in a hotel room as well. Glad to hear it worked for you though!!!