Thursday, June 22, 2006

Children Eat, Mom Retreats

My daughter had three friends over today, who along with my boys, managed to hit the kitchen like a swarm of locusts. Boom! There goes two big cans of tuna. Boom! There goes a loaf of bread. Boom! There goes a tube of Pringles. Boom! There goes a 10-pack of Gatorade. Boom! There goes a bag of red grapes.

In their wake sits the refuse of ravenous, growing youth. Bread crusts and cake crumbs, orange capped, plastic dead soldiers of the non-alcohol variety, barren mini tree limbs where grapes used to be. Utter kitchen devastation.

I remember being a kid and having friends over and my mom feeding us. I am pushing 40 and still feel like that kid. How is this possible? Where is my parent to tell me to finish my tuna before I get a piece of cake? Wait! I am the parent. Sometimes motherhood seems absolutely surreal. I am not ready for this responsibility. Am I?


Anonymous said...

Boy can I relate :O) As I type my kids have half of the neighborhood over playing a board game while raiding my fridge...pretzels, grapes, juice boxes...all disappearing before my very eyes.

I know I should shoo them outside since it is nice out but they have played all day out I secretely like hearing them talk :O)

Anonymous said...

your post brought back happy memories. savor these moments because they are so fleeting. too soon they are out the door.