Saturday, June 24, 2006

Desire No Shackle

Dr. Sanity posts some pictures that illustrate the place of women in Islamic societies. Islamic societies are provocatively sexual. How can covering a woman from head to toe be sexual? Well, the very purpose of full-body covering is sexual.

A burqa hides a woman's sexuality and in so doing draws attention to women as exclusively sexual beings. A burqa isn't created to hide a woman's mind...although other laws and statutes effectively do that. A burqa is a covering to protect a man from his urges. But repression tends to cause extreme over reactions.

Men in fundamentalist Islamic societies are consumed with sex. Their paradise is an ode to sex. They indulge in polygamy to sate sexual intemperence. Women are subjugated to protect men from their own needs and desires. Go look at the art and see how imbalanced views of sex almost always go hand-in-hand with imbalanced views of freedom and rationalism.


Anonymous said...

you are so full of shit. I hope you and your conservative friends eat dirt and push up daisys for eons until your pessimistic views cause the destruction of the known universe and all its various forms shit

vj said...

Why so agressive? Tell us rather your view point.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Good for you, Dr M you hit a nerve!