Saturday, June 24, 2006

New York Times: Loose Lips

Michelle Malkin posts some of the best Photo Shopped posters regarding the New York Times "loose lipped" foreign policy (since they are the foreign policy drivers, not the President).

I'm still wondering who the government leaker is. This treasonous scumbag must be rooted out and prosecuted. It comes down to this: some people believe that we're not at war. Some people outright sympathize with the enemy and revel in an "underdog" willing to lay it all on the line to destroy the patriarchal oppressor. They transfer their unresolved childhood trauma on to any strong authority figure and rebel. Their contrariness, their guilt and shame turn into justification for all sorts of childish acts. It would be bad enough if this "acting out" happened in the confines of their personal relationships. But no, their "acting out" is destructive to themselves, to society and to the framework that would actually protect them.

Want proof? The naked bikers in San Franscisco gave no thought to a child being traumatized by their actions, did they? They believed that their view deserved to be expressed even if it was destructive. The end justified their means. In so doing, they become the very oppressors they so despise. It's called transference.

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Christy're said...

Awful. I think I would have thrown a bucket of tennis balls in their path.