Friday, June 09, 2006


Have you worried about the whole Haditha "massacre"? What if a crazed Marine went "postal" and killed a bunch of innocents? Most people can imagine going crazy in such pressure-cooker situations, imagining their best friends, friends who had saved their lives, killed before their very eyes. Most people can imagine going on a revenge-fueled rampage. That is why movies like Rambo and fill-in-the-blank revenge films are so popular--there is an emotional resonance in the themes. Everyone would like to take justice into his or her own hands from time to time and mow down the bad guys.

Have you wondered if Haditha is another trumped-up I-hate-the-military message from a media clearly opposed to U.S. troops being in Iraq? Then, you think, no, this is too big, too bad, too horrible to be made up. Then you think about the Duke Lacrosse Players and Rush Limbaugh and Tawana Brawley and Dan Rather's Bush story and the New York Time's breathless coverage of Guantanamo and Abu Graib, and you pause and think, it's possible.

Well, The American Thinker points to evidence that the Haditha case may, indeed, be trumped up.

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