Friday, June 23, 2006

Red vs. Blue Ball States

WARNING: To my delicate and faint of heart readers whose last look at diseased genitalia still has them gasping for air/praying to the porcelain god please note: These photos are worse. No diseases displayed, unless you believe turtles are diseases...... But I digress. You have been warned.

Anyone who believes that there isn't really a great crack in this country needs only to look at these pictures. Absolute eye openers. The real divide? Everyone knows that Red Staters are better hung.

H/T: My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

1 comment:

vj said...

You are too funny!

I wonder why the one legged guy with the long white hair and the skirt did't take off his clothes.
Hmm, I guess being one legged is just too embarresing.

I also like the picture of the gentleman who prepared ahead. He stuffed clothes in his case he changed his mind! :-)