Friday, June 23, 2006

Saddam Hunger Strikes for Beloved Lawyer

Did you read/watch (here, here and here) the breathless news about former Iraq Dictator going on a hunger strike? Frankly, I was terrified the poor guy might suffer. So it was with great relief that I read this news. Sounds like his digestive respite lasted no longer than one repast. Can we please hang him already and get it OVER WITH? My tax dollars go to pay (scratch that, eat, I meant eat) that murderous scumbag. BAH!

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vj said...

Look at the photo, the man is wearing a beautiful, ironed white shirt with a suit on. Nice groomed hair, beard and it looks like he is eating his three square meals alright. I agree with you, he is taking up precious space!

"the treatment" he is receiving! He sure was not concerned about all the poor souls he tortured and bullied himself.