Thursday, June 22, 2006

Taliban: Planning for the Future

In the Southern provinces of Afghanistan, where the Taliban holds more sway because of stretched military resources (the Afghani's), the terrorist group adopts a long term solution to world domination: withholding education from the masses. They have burned down over 300 schools, mostly for girls, in the hope that if they keep everyone stupid, joining a dark-ages cult will sound appealling. It will make sense, because no other competing world views can even be offered or even understood if offered.

Newsweek breaks this story and briefly shows the bravery of the students and families and teachers. One teacher goes to school in a burqa and escorted by her brother lest her face be sliced and nose and ears be cut off. It is interesting that the villages that have fought back by threatening to oust the nasty regime have won "concessions".

This is the Taliban's plan:

Unable to win on the battlefield, the Taliban are trying to discredit the Kabul government by blocking its efforts to raise Afghanistan out of its long dark age. They particularly want to undo one of the biggest changes of the past four years: the resumption of education for girls, which the Taliban outlawed soon after taking power in 1996.

This is why they do it:
They distrust any education that takes place outside madrassas. "These extremists know that educated children are unlikely to follow religious extremism in the future," says Nadery. "The Taliban want to keep us backward."

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