Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Tempest with a Crackpot

Chiropractors rate happiest of all doctors (Dentists and Psychiatrists rate unhappiest--surprised?). Perhaps this is why:

A woman police officer was thrown through a glass door after she stripped off and jumped into bed with a chiropractor and his mistress, a court has heard.


Tempest said: 'I kissed Matt goodnight and went upstairs on my own. I got undressed and got into bed just wearing my lace shorts.

'Matt came into the bedroom and got undressed and got into bed with me wearing his boxer shorts.

'Then Louise came into the bedroom. She took her clothes off down to her panties and bra then climbed into the bed on my side, so I was in the middle.

'I felt very uncomfortable about it. I loudly whispered to Matt that she had got into the bed because I wasn't sure if he'd realised and to let him know how uneasy I was that we were all in that position.

'Louise got out of bed quite in a hurry. She stormed downstairs, quite upset at something.'

Tempest said she and Dr Hunter followed her downstairs to the kitchen because they thought they had heard her fall.

'I told Louise she was welcome to stay at our house, just not in our bed. Louise was very angry and shouting at me,' Tempest said.

'She was saying, 'Why do you come here when you know he's married with children? Who the hell do you think you are?'

'Louise was really upset. What her intentions on Matt were, I can't say.

'She was so angry and she had her fists clenched. I felt frightened, intimidated and shocked. I thought she was going to hit me.

'I remained as calm as I could. She was shouting at me for three or four minutes. I stepped back away from her. Louise stepped forward.

'I looked at Matt but he didn't intervene. Then I pushed her on the shoulders with both hands and she stumbled back into the kitchen door.'

Weeping, Tempest, of Walsall, added: 'I didn't intend to hurt her. I'm sorry I hurt her.'

My, my, my! Better patient outcomes, better hours, better quality of life, happy and now this. It's a wonder everyone doesn't want to be a Chiropractor.

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