Thursday, July 13, 2006

War in the Middle East

I'll be honest: This business scares me. Israel's impatience and finally action against foes who wish her banished doesn't bother me. In some ways, their fortitude in the face of the worldwide pressure while suffering daily amazes me. Americans wouldn't have the same patience were the attacks happening on our soil and it is hypocritical to want Israel to allow their lands to be terrorized non-stop.

This business scares me because the whole thing feels unstable. I know. I know. Feels. Well, it does feel unstable. It feels like dominoes. And here are the dominoes:

Israel goes into Gaza and cleans up. Israel goes into Lebanon and Hezbollah gets booted. Israel follows Hizbollah to the border of Syria. The U.S. or Israel ends up going to Syria to "stabilize" things. Iran will have more decisions to make--they are the root cause of all this afterall.

Will the end be better? Not sure. I think that Israel is tired. They are tired of death by a thousand cuts. They want safety and wholeness again.

Read more here and Pajamas Media has more. Betsy Newmark reminds us of who our enemies are here and says the war will last this long:

Until, as Golda Meir said, until they love their own children
more than they hate us.

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