Thursday, July 13, 2006

Web Woes

Short of changing websites, hiring a personal Web person and buying a dedicated server with a firewall as thick as the Pentagon's, I have twice, today, completely gutted and rebuilt my blog at Blogger.

All this week, I've had a DOS problem (I hesitate to say attack as that sounds so conspiratorial) since the lovely and gracious Dr. Helen linked to me about the Jeff Goldstein - Deb Frisch debacle. At first, I thought that maybe Google just didn't give my podunky blog much bandwith (if that's how it works) and that was causing everyone's computer to freeze when they tried to get on my site. But then, after reading about DOS problems, I decided no. There was something not right going on here.

After contacting everyone and their brother, and not getting any response AT ALL yet from Blogger/Google, I decided to take the Sitemeter tech's advice (thank you for the response) and redo my template. So, I spent two to three hours this afternoon doing exactly that. This worked well for one hour. When, all of a sudden, my template content was gone. Nothing. When loading the site some of you got a blank screen with a B. That's it.

To say I'm getting paranoid is an understatement. I'll let you know if Blogger ever responds. Remember Betsy Newmark's problems with Blogger? Yes, well, we'll see how this new incarnation of my blog goes.

At this rate, I'm like the Lindsey Lohan of Blogs--changing my look a couple times a day.

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