Thursday, August 10, 2006

Aaron: Remember Rhonda & All Caregivers

Rhonda talking to friends from the kid's school.



Any caregiver, spouse, parent, child, needs support, too. Very often, they are forgotten in the stress of the times. It's a natural phenomena, really. It seems lame as the helper to complain when your loved one suffers with a health problem, faces mortality and struggles to heal or just live. But the support persons deals with all those issues from the outside, helpless in a way. And then there are the physical and emotional realities of fatigue, inability to focus on their own needs, and just trying to remain strong.

Rhonda faces those challenges. So yesterday, I dumped Steve and the Wiley door and Rhonda and the boys and the Clouthier kids (and me) went swimming. Rhonda loves swimming. She finds it restorative. The late afternoon sun was beautiful. The water warm. It was relaxing and peaceful. Doesn't she look great?

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