Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Anchoress Says It Best: Israel or Global Warming?

I want to quote her whole post today. Since that would be silly, with links and all, I'll quote part. But please, if you only go one place to read today, go visit her. She will give some reason and context to the world we find ourselves uneasily inhabiting.

On pacifism:

The world is awash in Chamberlains. The world is very afraid, because it has embraced pacifist-rhetoric and does not now know what to do about an enemy that thirsts for blood and worships death - an enemy which has blown up people and buildings with impunity for over thirty years. The pacifists in Europe and America resent mightily that the current American President, and the British, Canadian and Australian Prime Ministers, are actually taking action against terrorism, and forcing the world to confront what it would rather not.

Both unwilling and unable to fight back the pacifists are desperately wishing that we could go back to the 1990’s - where terrorism was simply an ignorable inconvenience that was comfortably addressed with a bitten lip and a promise to “bring these people to justice” before everyone moved on to the next fund-raiser - people just want this Islamofascist threat to “go away.”

On Pacifist solutions:
Yeah…let’s just give the Islamofascists that small nation, Israel…then they’ll stop their global jihad, right? They’ll cast off the burkas from their women, and stop the “honor killings” and they’ll stop blowing up infidels -and other Muslims, if it suits the case. They’ll stop talking about beheading the PM of Canada, or blowing up the Sears Tower, or about converting the rest of us to Islam (or promising our slaughter if they cannot) and they’ll let gays live in peace and women forge ahead to their best potentials, and they’ll stop dressing their kids up as suicide bombers. They’ll stop standing at the base of the Eiffel Tower and slicing their heads open so that the blood may run free…they’ll stop asking the governments of their newly adopted countries to allow them to live under Shar’ia law. They’ll assimilate! They’ll get jiggy wit’ us! They’ll embrace popular culture and find it sophisticated! They’ll just lighten up and hang out with the rest of us tolerant folks - they’ll start worrying about “the greatest threat to humankind before us: GLOBAL WARMING!” Right?
On Bush and Blair's vision versus the alternatives:
President Bush and Tony Blair have a vision - Blair certainly “gets” it. They believe that a stable democracy in Iraq - if it is allowed to flourish - will do more to put an end to the inexorable growth of the Islamofascist movement than mere appeasement (which historically doesn’t work) or the wordy dance-arounds of the 1990’s. You can agree or disagree with that vision…but if you disagree with it, it is time - nay, it is long past time - for you to articulate the alternative vision you see as the workable solution to the problem of Islamofascism…and here is the hard part…your vision cannot simply be: FEED THE JEWS TO THEM AND IT WILL ALL GO AWAY.
On the Left's delusion:

It’s so much easier to simply play make-believe about “global warming” - to divert oneself with that hoo-hah, even as one is being driven about in an SUV, flying in a private jet and running air conditioning in one’s enormous house(s) while fighting against windfarms - than to actually deal with what is truly the most pressing issue of our time…isn’t it?

Of course, if you don’t like the Bush/Blair vision, but you can’t articulate a better one…you can always simply declare that terrorism is an illusion - and since it’s not real, you don’t have to address it, at all.

In order to do that, you’ll have to destroy the men who keep warning you about it, who keep trying to rouse you into some sort of pre-emptive and self-preserving action. My goodness…it seems like you’ll have to do an awful lot of work to preserve your delusions. But you are busy, busy bees and you seem committed to it, to working against reality (even as you call yourself “reality-based”) and determined to fit the world into the story you want framed. You are fighting for your more-palatable narrative, which I guess is admirable…at least you’re willing to fight for something.

She ends by pointing to this by Eric Hoffer (a must read!):
I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us. Should Israel perish the holocaust will be upon us.

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