Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gina Cobb Asks.....

If the mainstream media would lie to me in a way that undermines America and favors terrorists, how much longer is America really safe?
Here is the answer in her own words:

My readers, I fear for the safety of the innocent civilians of Israel, who demonstrated their willingness to live in peace with the Palestinians by yielding territory to them only to have their kindness met with thousands of rockets launched into civilian areas in Israel.

I increasingly fear for the safety of the United States too. Like Israel, the United States is despised by terrorists and totalitarians who are filled with jealous pride. And the United States has an additional problem that is far worse than Israel's -- we are badly divided within.

A large segment of America's current population -- including the immature, the naive, the radical left, and the mainstream media, are actively working to undermine the United States, starting with its commander in chief, continuing with the United States Armed Forces, and extending to every agency and system we have in place to protect our nation's security.[Emphasis added, -Ed.]

Unfortunately, the enemies of America, foreign and domestic, are making progress, and they are relentless.

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