Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Blowing Off Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman is a liberal. He is a social liberal. He is also a liberal that supported the war in Iraq. For that he is punished, and if his own party has his way, banished. (Instapundit has more.)

The Democrats of Connecticutt, and the web-based Leftists who stirred up those Democrats, made a decision to oust a "fence-sitter", in their opinion, and embrace a "true believer". They rid themselves of a pro-Israel Jew, too. If you spend even five minutes on Kos's site you'll be amazed at the self-loathing Jews and the blatent anti-semites who thinly mask themselves as "neutral", and, who fret over Democracies hang-nails while excusing Totalitarian, Islamic wounds.

The universal glue is hatred of George Bush.

Someone close to me, an anti-abortion, small-government type, loathes Bush. So much so that any policy, any idea is dismissed out of hand. This hatred permeates not just him, but lots of other people whom I deem reasonable. Perfectly reasonable people acting perfectly crazy when it comes to Bush and, thus, anyone who even tried to make nice with Bush once or ever.

This loathing leads to crazy destinations. I wonder where it will take the Democratic party. I wonder where it will lead our country.

Right now, 29% of Democrats and 64% of Republicans view Israel as our one, true Middle East ally. Lump the numbers together, and you have almost a 50-50 split on how Americans view Israel. 50% of America believes we should moderate between Israel and their neighbors who are bent on their destruction. 50% believe we should uphold Israel--the only Democracy in the Middle East. The first notion sounds so smart and urbane and "fair". Picking sides alienates the other--that makes them hate us. It is no wonder they attack us.

It occurs to me that untamed worldwide conflagration can happen a couple of ways: The first, and the Leftist's theory--America warring all over causes worldwide anger and war against us and we are forced back to preserve ourseves. America adopts as an official policy "neutrality" (appeasement) which will result in Israel being consumed. Or America's nasty in-fighting leads to such internal chaos and violence that we are simply too busy tending our own disordered house to try to help others tend theirs. It strikes me that either way, the Netroots and Leftists achieve their goal. Because they aren't achieving their desires politically they bring anarchy to the patch of ground they inhabit.

And that brings me back to Joe Lieberman. What if his loss is a beginning? I believe that the netroots represent the mainstream Leftist thought more than anyone wants to admit. Moderates of all types beware! I don't think it is just the base that is riled. There are a lot of formerly reasonable people who hate Bush, who are sick of Israel and would prefer to turn inward and ignore a world and hope it goes away. There are others, equally adament that engagement (and not just through the impotent United Nations and not just through dipolomacy), and yes, war if necessary, must be undertaken to preserve freedom for Western Democracies.

It reminds me of when Gandalf asks Saruman "And when did Saruman abandon reason for madness?" America, I fear we're going mad.


MadMike said...

Ahhh! The wisdom of Tolkien. Excellent posting. Thank you.......

Chalmers said...

Am I the referenced Bush loather? I hope so. I don't dismiss all Bush ideas out of hand, I like the one where he visits Iraq! :-)~