Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What A Man Wants

A recently disengaged friend of mine, through tears of sorrow, was dissappointed to find that the girl he fell in love with online only wanted him for his money and American citizenship and was talking to other men in on-line chat rooms. This relationship had progressed to meeting one another's families, planning a wedding, etc. His family hated her from the start. He was already torn between mom and sis and his wife/tramp-to-be. I encouraged him to not give up. That there was a woman out there for him...but after asking him what he wanted in a woman, I wondered if that is really true.

His list:

  1. That she has money, but not as much as me.
  2. That she is beautiful (well, duh).
  3. That she is smart, but not as smart as me.
  4. That she is just a little bit shorter than me (he is 5'6" and I'm being generous).
  5. That she loves kids.
  6. That she loves to cook.
  7. That she loves to clean.
  8. That she is loyal.
  9. That my family likes her.
Well, what do you think? Is he asking too much? My thought is that he might want to make bachelorhood a permanent life choice.

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Chalmers said...

That is an interesting list, demanding and insecure, great combination.