Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fox Newsman Released After Converting to Islam & Bribe is Paid

What an ordeal. Michelle Malkin has everything.

You know those scared CNN news reporters in Iraq? They stayed, they just didn't report the truth because they were afraid?

Do you think it was any accident that FOX reporters were kidnapped? The other news organizations rightly fear for their lives and adjust their reporting accordingly.

That is not news. These Western organizations become a propaganda arm of terrorist organizations. The feed filth to the West and do it with moral superiority, so sure of their safety and freedom at home.

It makes me sick. It must stop.


David said...

Regarding the failure to report accurately on Saddam's regime, see my post Journalism's Nuremberg

MaxedOutMama said...

I concur.

One note - they were released after converting to Islam, which means that they are now officially under a death sentence if they recant.

I would not be too confident even of Fox News' reporting.

Dr. Melissa said...

No MSM news organization receives my trust. I don't watch any of it. My news grabbing comes via the Internet mainly.

My point, to clarify, is that this kidnapping was a warning, a mafia-like message to all news organizations: we can get you wherever you are. That Fox appears less propagandized than some other news organizations just means that by taking Fox reporters the message gets reinforced to everyone.