Thursday, August 10, 2006

London Terror Plot Foiled--UK, US on RED ALERT

U.K. to U.S. Flights on RED ALERT!!!!
U.S. Commercial Flights ORANGE ALERT!!!!
Instapundit has more.

Terrorists were stopped on flight with liquid explosives. Brendan Loy has the details about what is being allowed on flights.

Michelle Malkin covers the Dearbornistan guys found with Trac phones (used as detonating devices) and also covers everything about the foiled London attack all the way down to the P.C. press:
For crying out loud. No wonder Melanie Phillips calls it Lemmingland. DFH has more on the p.c. whitewashing. And Scotland Yard Deputy Commissioner Paul Stephenson goes out of his way to assuage Muslim grievance-mongers: "This is not about communities: it is about criminals, murderers, people who want to commit mass murder."
Ace of Spades has more details and as unrelated, yet related aside, he has the best photoshopped picture ever. Well, it is the best picture illustrating the latest photo debacle.

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