Thursday, August 10, 2006

Aaron Rings His Bell

Aaron demonstrating his intimate relationship with the offending corner.

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This will be a teaser post. More coming about the many adventures of living legend and walking miracle Aaron Wiley tomorrow. Tonight we will discuss his cornering ability.

Anyone who has known the Wiley boys for any length of time (my folks have pictures of us when we were younguns) knows they like to live on the edge. For those of you who met the more refined, serious, and diligent Aaron at college, let me just inform you that he must have morphed like a butterfly on the plane to California. He was always a great guy--kind, friendly, and, I say this as a girl who had a crush on him at the ripe old age of 12, cute. But he and his brothers had wild streaks and found trouble every once in a while as brothers are wont to do. And you know what dangerous men attract--trouble. He always had a gaggle of girls swooning around him. Guys wanted to be him. Okay, maybe I exaggerate. A little.

So when I got to college, and saw the imposter, I was like: "Who are you and what have you done with Aaron Wiley?" (I didn't really say that. I thought it.) When his eventual wife confided that she thought he was "really cute" but that he seemed so serious, I encouraged her to ask him out. Lurking under the blazer somewhere was a wild one....

The wild one, likes to take corners tight and fast. When the phone rings, he is on a mission to get to it before it dumps into the answering machine. And that's when it happened: skating out of the kitchen, around the corner into the dining room, Aaron came to a full and complete stop thanks to the halo on his head. He caught the corner with one of the rods and sent a jolt through his body and pain throught his screwed up head (and I mean that literally). The photo is a reenactment of the ordeal. He can laugh about it now, but today has been an achy, painful one.

Tonight, while trying to put the lid on the Dominos, it slipped and he tried to catch it. Zing! Again, more pain. It's those instinctual reactions that get him now and again. Pulling a recliner away from the wall. Lifting something that's a little too heavy. Running to pick up the phone. All everyday, innocent activities. All potentially troublesome for a dude with torn muscles, a broken back and a burst Atlas.

Not. Good.

So, even after these four plus weeks, he's still adjusting to the Halo. What a pain in the head that thing can be! He is still adjusting to the notion that everyday activities are fraught with danger. And, since he is now off the medication (which is a really good thing), he's adjusting to sleeping without the muscle relaxants, pain killers and various and asundry narcotics that are soooooo much fun, but can be very problematic for a trauma victim long term. Sleeping is a pain in the back, ass and everything else at this point.

Aaron has two more months to go, minimum, before the halo comes off. He's healthy. He's taking care of himself. So everyone is optimistic. But that still means two months to go. Please keep a good thought for him. Pray for his comfort. Pray for his spirits. Pray that the angels that have always worked overtime for the Wiley boys continue to protect him. He and his fragile, healing spine needs it.

Thankfully, Aaron's angels work harder than this guy!

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