Thursday, August 31, 2006

Poseidon Adventure Stokes Fear in the Faint-hearted

Okay, I've never been on a cruise, but regular readers know that in October we're taking the crew and some relatives, ala Scott Adams, on a Disney cruise. What's on the flatscreen as I type? Poseidon Adventure. I hear screaming right now.

Does it seem like a good idea to you to aggravate fears or is watching the movie a version of desensitation and a form of "conquering" the fear? Just hearing the shrieks of terror is freaking me out.


Chalmers said...

I say emerse yourself in water related tragedies! Next up, The Poseidon Adventure (I am assuming you saw the new movie: Poseidon) quickly followed by Jaws.

Either way, I would be more concerned about Pirates... of the Carribean of course. Man, that was the lamest joke I have written in a while. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Relax, the cruise will be great (I'm trying to remember whose idea this was.......)

triticale said...

Yet people who choose not to see such films are not condemned as hydrophobic even tho phobia was blamed for rejection of a certain movie which wasn't about cowboys.

BrightLion said...

One of the worse movies I have viewed, or should I say partially viewed, was the P. Adventure. What a waste of good acting. I turned it off after 45 minutes.

Dr. Melissa said...

Ain't it the truth. And I love Josh Lucas. He's just fun to stare at, but arghhh!

Kurt Russell was very believable drowning to death, though.