Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Proportional Response To Mel Gibson's Drunken Tirade

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred has a very nice post about how out-of-whack the media's response to Mel Gibson's drunken snafu compared to the continual, unrelenting, extreme and dangerous anti-semitism among Muslim Arabs and radical Islamists. How is that for a mouthful of a sentance? Deep breath. So, go read his post and get some balance, already. It's about time the media learn a proportional response.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing--we have everyone calling down holy fire and hell's brimstone over a remark concerning the Jews--we even have a name for it, specially designed for some of the greatest victims on the face of the earth: Anti-semitism. Nevermind the millions of deaths caused by race wars in Africa (between brown and browner--or black and blacker) killing millions over the last decade, the media only cares about stupid comments (which remind some pedants of the same anti-semitic hatred of Hitler--though exaggerated to the extreme) of yet another actor.

What's my point? Well, we don't have a special name for hatred against Africans--respectively Asians, respectively Arabs, respectively Indians, etc. Only the Jews get the royal "victim" treatment in having their own special category of racism.

Now I don't really care what Mr. Gibson thinks about the Jews, or Africans, or Asians, or any other race--not when stupid idiots point out a speck when they should be removing the two-by-four from their eye.

Dr. Melissa said...

The Jews have been on the receiving end of discrimination in the form of murderous annihilation since they were in Egypt. That there is a word to describe it is not surprising.

What is surprising, not so much actually anymore, is that someone would make morally equivalent the Jews experiences with other races, religions and nationalities. Tribal and religious violence, although widespread amongst ever race, creed, and color (Chinese vs. Japanese, Hutus vs. Tustsis, Irish vs. English), has killed millions. Ethnic cleansing has been attempted.

But no group of people have been the brunt of such persistent, determined extermination efforts from so many sources besides the Jews.

Lucky them. Anti-semitism is alive and well. I'm sure they'd love the word be taken out of the lexicon because it is not longer necessary.