Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Aaron Update III

Rhonda holding Little Toot (my youngest) with the ever-present cell-phone attached to her head.

For those new to the story, you can read the background about Aaron Wiley's miracle here and here.

*These pictures are from last week.

Ain't nothin' easy, now. But some things are worth the effort!

We won't be visiting Aaron today. Yesterday we thought we might stop by but I have been fighting a sore throat and two of the kids have a cold. Meanwhile, at the Wiley domicile, some funky bug has been going around. Today, Aaron woke up with a 102 degree fever. Had we visited yesterday, I would have blamed myself and/or Aaron could end up fighting two bugs. That would be even worse.

Well, Aaron being sick is not good for the obvious reasons. Can you imagine trying to cough with a broken neck and screws in your head that are meant to keep you immoble? Takes all the pleasure out of sneezing and coughing, I'm guessing. In addition, Aaron was supposed to have an MRI this afternoon, but that is off limits with a fever.

Rhonda sounded tired on the phone this morning. She has been sleeping next to Aaron (the aforementioned Craftmatic, bendy bed) in a recliner. One son didn't feel well so he slept at the foot of the bed. The other son is afraid of the dark so he slept downstairs, too. Guess who didn't sleep? Yup. Rhonda. As most parents know, almost anything can be dealt with if your sleep isn't disrupted. But losing sleep, while under significant stress is not good.

So continued prayers are needed for the Wiley family. It has only just been a month and it will be some time before life is back to normal. When the helpers to the family are sick (Collette's daughter has impetigo) or when the family is sick, life gets suddenly more dismal.

As a side note, people who haven't seen or talked to the Wileys in years have contacted them through email, letters, etc. This has been very encouraging and emotional (in a good way) for them. They are really grateful. They read the comments section here, too, so feel free to drop them a note.


Christy're said...

Obviously I don't know them, but I wish them health and I'll send up some prayers for their recovery and comfort.

karen wiley said...

Hi this is Aaron's Uncle Dave and Karen Wiley (wife), we are keeping the whole family in our prayers. We are so thankful for this site so we can keep up with the progress and know what is going on. We love you Aaron and the whole family. God Bless
Dave and Karen Wiley

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, this is Mara and Eugenio from Buenos Aires-Argentina, we are friends from the church. We just came from our holiday and read the news about the accident. Send all our love to Aaron and his lovely family, specially to Rhonda.
We will pray for your soon recovery.
God Bless
Eugenio and Mara LHuillier

Renea (Hancock) Apartian said...

Hi Melissa. PLEASE let Aaron and Rhonda know that we are praying for Aaron's speedy recovery and Rhonda's sanity keeping 3 boys in line. I miss Aaron and all our great times we had together in the Y.A.s. Hey Aaron...remember in New Orleans when we recorded that song and the radio station picked it up and played it several times on New Year's Day?

Can't tell you how great it is to see the photos of Aaron, head contraption and all! I always knew Aaron liked attention but isn't this a little much! :)

The world is a much brighter place with Aaron and his humor in it. Can't wait until our paths cross again. Keep those updates coming!