Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sex Offender Implicated in the Death of 11 Year Old

See, this is why parents are worried about their kids. But then.... this:

The chief of detectives says there is "every indication" that Irvin's mother knew about Jones' 2002 conviction for having sex with a teenage boy.

The abducted boy's mom knew that this guy was a crazy and still let her son around him. He was a "family friend". She should be convicted for child endangerment.

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Chalmers said...

Fact is, the time has come for people to be "mean" when it comes to the safety of our youth. I may seem harsh to tell a person to their face, "You cannot be around here because you are a criminal and pose a threat to children." I used to think it was wrong for people to set up shop on the front lawn of paroled criminals, basically intimidating them to leave town. Now, I think it is definitely a better avenue than letting another child get hurt.

The time has come for us to get vocal about bad people. Not necessarily in a way that would be seen as libel, but in a way that makes the bad person not want to be in the area any more.

Like your example of the dude at the pool... Maybe it is time for someone to walk up to him and say (loudly), "So you are back at the pool to inappropriately interact with children again? Man, I would be ashamed to be so blatant, but I guess a guy like you has no shame. Just so you know, if I see you anywhere near my kid or any other kid, I will be calling the police." Embarrassment is a powerful tool that we as a society do not use enough.

Wasn't there a judge somewhere that sentenced a person to wear a shirt that said something like, "I got drunk and killed a family."

Embracing my conservative side,