Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Toyota #2 American Car Company

This news will not sit well in Michigan, but union members there are notoriously short-sighted. With fuel prices high, people buy cars and the cars they like (not for fuel economy as reported, but for style at that price point) are foreign. No matter how hard the foreign companies try, and all the great press in car mags I've noticed, nothing beats a Chevy truck or Suburban. Those little Mercedes SUVs are cute, but no real man (or woman, either) wants a "cute" SUV.

Toyota’s milestone was evidence that American buyers are again flocking to Japanese companies in the wake of high gasoline prices. Each of the Detroit companies’ lineups remain dominated by trucks and sport utility vehicles, while the major Japanese companies each sell a greater percentage of cars than light trucks in the United States.
In my opinion, it is the style that drives people to the Toyotas. Although Chevrolet, in their partnership with Toyota, released the exact same cars...down the same line, everything and still couldn't sell the cars Toyota could back in the 80s. Go figure.

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Chalmers said...

It is nearly impossible to argue with the quality of the Japanese vehicles. Amanda and I have been researching SUVs and the difference between US and Japan in insane. Toyota and Honda dominate when it comes to quality and re-sale value. Toyota has four of the top ten and Honda has three. That leaves room for one Jeep and a couple German SUVs. Fact is, when the car is worth 50% after 3 years, that is a huge financial impact. I like US trucks, but only if you plan on keeping them forever.