Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Who You Are, Who You Want Me to Be

After taking the random sample (I don't think 11 or 12 commenters would constitute either random enough or sample enough, but *sigh* I'll press on) it seems that there are two categories of people who read my blog.

One fan-base--the Personal Connection Lovers (no politics please):

  1. My life is interesting and people want to know more, more, more!
  2. Health topics and opinions
  3. Family stuff
Then there are the New of the World Lovers (no make-up stories):
  1. War & terror & Jihad, oh my!
  2. Politics
  3. Timely info anything
You know what? Maybe favorite blogs are like favorite dogs: the readers are alot like the blogger. In my case it would mean that you all are smart, funny and fabulously good looking but a tad high-maintenance and rather chronically impossible-to-satisfy contrarians. Perhaps I generalize.

Dear readers, I will do my best to be all things to me. If you have a specific question, ask! I'll do my best to answer it. Otherwise I will press on. Some of you will have to endure the politics posts and the others will have to endure the vapid popular culture references.

As an aside, I really enjoyed learning more about the lurkers. Please, please, do comment! It's such fun.

Blogging at full-steam tommorow my turnips! See you then.


Antoinette Aubert said...

I am most deffinitely high maintenance. But not chronically impossible to please.

Jessica said...

I also am HM. But, I read even the topics that are not my favorite.... so, blog on!

Christy're said...

Ha ha, I think I am kind of both types! I'm into politics but also really like your posts on health and social issues.

You have pegged me; I am just astoundingly good-looking...:)