Monday, September 18, 2006

Aaron Update

Between the Clouthier household and Wiley household sickness has caused nary the twain to meet in the last two weeks. So I talked to Rhonda yesterday and they had played host to Chip and Vicki DeVilbiss.

About ten years ago, Vicki, herself had a major pain in the neck. Remember that? Well, she was rear-ended on the freeway in LA. The 405? I can't remember. Not relevent anyway. The keystone EMTs came and had her turn her head and do all kinds of other horrible things with her broken neck. She declined to get on the ambulance with these yahoos. I wonder why?

Vicki took herself to the hospital and they found a Hang-Man's fracture. Her second cervical vertabrae, call the Axis, is the joint that allows you to turn your head to the right and left. A Hangman's fracture breaks off the bone that acts as a hinge for your neck. When that bone pokes into your spine, you're dead. Very effective at killing a person, the Hangman's fracture. It's been used for millenia.

Vicki enjoyed a halo for five months. Aaron is working on month number three. At the end of this week, Aaron has his neck X-rayed and examined. Rhonda is still very nervous. Everyone is hoping that Aaron can be freed from the oppressive hardware, but as Vicki shows, sometimes it doesn't happen as fast as one would like.

The Wileys enjoyed the visit. (Chip and Vicki just picked up and went on a Carribean cruise that went out of Galveston. That's what people do who don't have kids: they pick up and go to exotic places.) It was encouraging to Aaron and Rhonda.

As for the good Doc and I? He was out and about at a Yoga seminar while I was at home with three kids being sick. I was far from presentable. So I'll have to settle for seeing the Devilbisses next time they're in town.

Friday is a big day for Aaron. Monday is too. Keep him in your prays.

OH! Aaron has been nominated for "Employee of the Year" at his business. Is it any surprise that his company loves him? It's quite an honor and everyone is very proud of him.

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