Monday, September 18, 2006

Shotgun Abortion

A 19 year old young lady was tied up by her parents who believed she should have an abortion. Duct tape, scissors, rope, a couple guns were found all in the back of their Lexus. How enlightened of them.

There used to be shotgun marriages, now there are shotgun abortions.

I know of one woman who had a secret abortion ala Carrie of Sex in the City. The rest of the women were coerced by boyfriends, husbands and parents to "terminate" the baby so their lives weren't made complicated. The woman got the abortion to please the influencers in her life.

That is not the picture that most people have when it comes to abortion, is it? Perky young girl, got the world by the tail and a baby would mess up her future ala Carrie. Or, poor, inner-city welfare mom unaquainted with birth-control who would bring a baby into misery. "What kind of life would the baby have," all the compassionate people murmer.

While many girls don't have a literal gun at their heads, the metaphorical one is pointed at their head. The woman has to live with this decision for the rest of her life.


Anonymous said...

Exercising the 19-year-old's Womyn's Right To Choose (TM)...

Dr. Melissa said...

Unfortunately, many Christian parents have their daughters get abortions out of their shame at having a "wayward" daughter. Way to pass on those family values mom and dad!

And how do Feminists feel about that exactly?

Chalmers said...

I only have a couple experiences in this area. One co-worker and one resident while working in the residence halls at college. Due to my job and the fact that I was at a State Institution, I was forbidden to give any advice for or against abortion, adoption, etc. In both cases I was able to lead the young women to understand that any one of the three decisions available (abortion, adoption, carrying the baby to term) would have a life long impact. There were no quick and simple solutions. Thankfully both decided to carry the babies to term and I am pretty sure they both kept the babies.

Pregnancy is very similar to the act it is related to: sex. There is no such thing as no-strings attached. God designed there to be a bond created with sex, as well as pregnancy. "Hollywood" and many abortion advocates would like people to believe that an abortion is like filling a cavity, a little local anesthetic and you are done in 10 minutes. Avoid extreme hot and cold liquids for a couple hours and you are on your way. That is simply not reality.

Anonymous said...

You'd think feminists would resent the power that abortion on demand put in the hands of MEN, who can demand their girlfriend abort because it's legal.

And now with virtual proof of paternity with DNA, the fathers get really outraged if the girl doesn't knuckle under. It's enough to make a girl just go ahead and do it without asking, because you know that no one's going to support you (emontionally) anyway.

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