Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Betsy's Page: Win the South by Pretending to be Southern

Ya'll that strategy is just so silly!

What I think is more interesting: Democrats being as Lefty Progressive as possible when putting together legislation and mutating into "Moderates" spouting conservative themes during pre-election run-ups. Meanwhile, Republicans living in the rarefied air of Washington D.C. forget their Conservative roots and try to be sophisticated and urbane, i.e. more like Democrats.

Yuck to them all!

A little primer on electability:

  • Stop spending so dang much
  • Don't mention tax hikes
  • Be tough on terror (for Democrats that would be all talk no action)
  • Try to not be a pompous ass
  • Firm up the border
  • Don't condescend to your voters
I know, the standards are impossible.

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