Sunday, September 24, 2006

Clinton is "the Carville-like political hack"

Betsy's take on Clinton's Fox News performance put a smile on my face this Sunday morning. I'm glad she was my first stop on the information superhighway today. Here's what she says:

Well, I just watched Clinton's tirade on Fox News Sunday. You can read the transcript here as he goes off and off in answer to Chris Wallace's question that people want to know why he didn't do more to get Osama bin Laden. I agree with John McIntyre that what Clinton's done here is bring more focus onto what he did or didn't do to get Osama bin Laden. It can't be good for the Democratic Party to have the focus on Clinton again.


What the entire interview did was remind me, as if I needed reminding, was how little I wanted to have him back in the headlines day after day if his wife were the Democratic nominee in 2008 or, horrors, elected president. Do we want him shaking his finger at us again and again whenever he's asked a question he doesn't like?
Can you imagine the "two for one" is she were president? You know what though, he's such a media hog that his piggish behavior might actually get Hillary to divorce him--taking the spotlight during "her" time would probably piss her off just enough--finally.

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