Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dead Presidents & Some Living Ones, Too

Happy Sunday, all. This morning, we finally opened the Toy President dolls I ordered a few weeks back. We have George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and (unfortunately) the second edition of Ronald Reagan. I'm going to try to find the first edition.

Anyway, even if you're not into collecting (I'm not), these dolls are fantastic. They come with books about their political careers and when their button is pushed they say famous quotes.

If anyone is in the generous, buying mood, I'd still really like Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. Oh, and Benjamin Franklin.

I have them in the top shelf of my office hanging out with Bibles and Tolkien. Now that's a party I'd like to attend. The kids like them, too. (They were bought for them, wink! wink!)

For those in love with Princess Diana, there is a figurine of her saying really incisive things like, "I want to help people" in her lilting English accent. There is also a weird looking Jesus and a scary looking Moses. Speaking of scary: check out Andrew Jackson when you take a look-see.