Saturday, September 30, 2006

Danish Exports to America Up

The Danes are selling 17% more of their cool stuff to us since the whole cartoon debacle and Muslim boycott.

Legos people. Buy Legos.


Antoinette said...

I forgot Legos come from Denmark. My son and nephew all by themselves must be responsible for 10% of that increase all by themselves. The next time I step on a stray Lego I will think of it as injured in the line of fighting Mulsim extremists.

David said...

Legos also has a very interesting product line called Mindstorms, which allows kids of all ages to experiment with robotics. For those who want to be sure their kids "learn about technology," there is more to be learned by messing around with Mindstorms than by pecking away at a conventional computer.

Dr. Melissa said...

How old should a kid be to start?

Anonymous said...

David, thanks for the tip. I just checked it out and it is very cool!
It's not a cheap hobby though. My son will love this once he gets a bit older. Have you put one of these together yet?